Whole in One Golf Fitness

Golf is Fitness!

A golf fitness program implements a series of exercises to help you improve your game. When a golfer is truly fit, both accuracy and power can be increased substantially. 

What to Expect:

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Flexibility ~ We will work on joint flexibility which will help increase range in your swing that will transtate to distance.  Golf performance is greatly dictated by rotational power. Therefore, it is essential that the golfer develop a full range of motion in the hips and thoracic spine.

Strength is a key component of power. Working on specific strength training will not only help develop higher clubhead speed, but will also provide muscle endurance that will help you last longer on the course.

Core stability ~ The weakest part for most golfers is their core. Without strong pliable muscles in the stomach, hips, glutes and lower back, the golfer cannot make a swing that is both fluid and powerful.

Proper warm-up and post stretch ~ Dynamic stretching is a critical part to your warm-up routine. Not only does stretching minimize muscle soreness, it also increases your range of motion. Post event stretching is a good means for reducing muscle soreness.

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Injury prevention ~ Golf is a highly athletic event! By following a carefully designed fitness program, specific to the golfer, the risk of injury may be greatly reduced.

When to start a golf fitness regime? While it is important to focus on golf fitness during the season, the off-season is when you have the chance to really make changes to your physical skill set. It is the perfect time to seriously focus on your golf fitness and make changes to your body that will help develop your game in both the short and long term.