Anne Badamo-Connors

Anne 10lb Dumbell

With over 28 years in the fitness industry, Anne’s systematic approach to training and experience in creating balanced lifetsytles makes her a great trainer for every day people, looking to accomplish extraordinary things. Anne combines cutting edge training techniques with organized and highly thought out program designs to assist her clients in achieving their goals. Anne specializes in corrective exercises, core conditioning, functional training, balance and posture and lifestyle management. Anne has a BA in dance therapy with an emphasis in exercise physiology. She is A.C.E certified, and is a Level 2 Titilest Performance Institute golf fitness trainer. 

Upon forming Fitness Plus Inc. in 1995 after a professional career in dance, Anne also founded Whole in One Golf Fitness LLC. In 2015. 

Anne’s  approach focuses on the whole individual, encompassing physical, mental and emotional well-being.